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Latest Sighting from New Zeland - A Green UFO! Aug 31, 2011

September 1, 2011
New Zeland

We found this footage from YouTube user crimsoncoin, very interesting sighting.  What made this sighting credible is how the camera person zoom in from when he stands, and when the object could barely be seen by naked eyes, till it became a huge and interesting rounded shaped Green 'Ball'.  Looks like Sony Ericsson's Logo to me.

Please check out the video below.

Photo of the object

Symington calls for greater governmental legitimacy on UFO issue

September 1, 2011

Source:  , Phoenix UFO Examiner
Please click here for the original Article.

Former United States Air Force officer, Governor of the State of Arizona and life long pilot Fife Symington III issued the strongest statement yet in his measured campaign to change public, media and government perception of the most psychologically challenging enigma of our times: the ever increasing numbers of objects reported in the skies that do not conform to any known or reasonably presumed human engineering capability.

Speaking during the Phoenix Lights segment of the premiere broadcast of Secret Access:  UFO's on the Record, last night on the History Channel, Symington said: "Public officials need to be more open and more courageous when dealing with issues like this.  We need to deal with it legitimately and objectively and if we don't know what it was, we should say 'we don't know what it was'."
Symington's appearance and remarks lend the weight of his resume and his personal experience with the phenomenon to New York Times best-selling author Leslie Kean's call for creation of a governmental body to accept and evaluate UFO reports, something that has been lacking since the predetermined1968  Condon Report  gave the United States Air Force the pretext to shut down the shallow public relations program known as Project Blue Book and thereby evade the issue for close to four decades.
Kean's  New York Times Best Selling book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record., the History channel special, the CNN/HLN panel discussion and ensuing response on Don Lemon's Facebook page, the overwhelming response to Lee Speigel's work at AOL/Huffington post are all part of an apparent shift in media comprehension of the serious nature of a small but critical number of UFO reports.  
Thursday night’s “Secret Access” report by The History Channel — “UFOs On The Record” — is the sort of crisp advocacy journalism one might easily envision in PBS’ “Frontline” rotation. Focused (if not a tad overproduced), expertly sourced, and devoid of the tripe that too often characterizes network programming on this issue, “UFOs On The Record” is a foundational model for jump-starting a national conversation so desperately overdue. — Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The American media is coming to the realization that responsible UFO reporting is the kind of news that will garner high ratings — and eventually someone a Pulitzer.  The Government will not be far behind.

The origins of the now-waning conventional mainstream American public opinion on the UFO issue can be traced to the Robertson Panel, a CIA convened and managed secret hearing conducted in the wake of the largest — and arguably most significant — mass UFO sighting in American history, the wave of 1952, which culminated in two consecutive weekend demonstrations of phenomenal capability by unknown objects over the capital of the United States, Washington D.C.
The panel, headed by Howard Robertson, was convened between the time Dwight D. Eisenhower won the 1952 general election and his inauguration.  It considered evidence presented by the United States Air Force -- by that time already a strong opponent of UFO information in the public domain and came to what many feel was a carefully orchestrated conclusion.
In short, the Robertson Panel concluded, rather paradoxically, that unidentified objects operating with impunity in U.S. airspace, with no contact with air traffic control and exhibiting performance that was in some cases unbelievable were no threat to national security.  
The issue was the public reports of these objects, which, if given an air of legitimacy, constituted, in the Panel's words:
"The continued emphasis on the reporting of (UFOs) does, in these perilous times, result in a threat to the orderly function of the protective organs of the body politic."  — Robertson Panel
The ostensible rationale was that excess UFO reports might clog communications channels in the event of a 'real' incursion by Soviet aircraft, but more likely the real reason the CIA did not want the media nor the American public to take the UFO issue seriously is that, simply, no one had a viable explanation for the origin or motives of the objects.
And no one had the moxie to go on record as saying so.
The Air Force did not want to explain that something was operating in US airspace it could not fathom, explain nor match.  The CIA gave them a pass in the interest of 'national security', a euphemism for not alarming the public, which had been more than a passing concern since Orson Welles, one of the greatest theatrical showmen of all time, scared hell out of the radio listening audience on Halloween night of 1938 by elaborately constructing a fake radio broadcast of an invasion by Martians.
The directives of the Robertson panel could not be more clear. Make the UFO issue loose credibility.   
 Recommendation: "National security agencies . . . take immediate steps to strip the UFOs of the special status they have been given." — Robertson Panel
How they did that is well documented in Terry Hansen's 2001 book "The Missing Times" which recounts efforts to make the subject untouchable by mainstream journalism and to discredit the phenomenon in the minds of the average citizen.
Hansen will be the guest on Coast to Coast AM this evening with host George Knapp, a Peabody award and multiple Edward R Morrow award winning investigative journalist with KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.  Knapp is one of the tiny handful of mainstream journalists daring enough to inquire into the unexplainable aspects of the phenomenon and yet cogent and discerning enough not to be compromised by the complicated maze of confabluation, disinformation, misidentification and in some cases outright fabrication that blur vision of the core phenomenon.
The United States Air Force conducted the largest press conference since World War II in response to the Washington Merry-go-round as it came to be known and managed to squirm off the hook of accountability with technically sounding but implausible explanations of temperature inversions affecting air traffic control radar.  That theory that did not account for the observations of air force fighter pilots, airline pilots and numerous trained observers on the ground.
Project Blue Book was set up to take UFO reports from the public and discount them where possible, while military personell were instructed by JANAP-146 to report directly to the head of the Air Force and maintain the secrecy of the reports.
The public relations exercise of Project Blue Book continued until Colombia Astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek in a hastily contrived sound byte offered the possibility that what a dorm full of Michigan college students had observed was 'swamp gas' ,which made the Air Force investigation of unidentified flying objects a national laughing stock.
To get out of the difficult position of having to even deal with public opinion, the USAF instigated the Condon Committee, headed by Dr. Edward Condon, based out of the University of Colorado to 'investigate' the issue 'scientifically'.  Condon's conclusion was forgone at the onset. 
In late January 1967, Condon said in a lecture that he thought the government should not study UFOs because the subject was nonsense, adding, "but I'm not supposed to reach that conclusion for another year."  — Wikipedia
"Our study would be conducted almost entirely by non-believers who, though they couldn't possibly prove a negative result, could and probably would add an impressive body of thick evidence that there is no reality to the observations. The trick would be, I think, to describe the project so that, to the public, it would appear a totally objective study but, to the scientific community, would present the image of a group of non-believers trying their best to be objective but having an almost zero expectation of finding a saucer."  -- internal memo from Condon Member Robert Low
When the Condon report was published, the news media read Condon's summation — which was at odds with the contents of the report, printed the proper stories and the USAF announced they were going to save the tax-payers some money and close Blue Book, which the Condon Report was careful to explain was not really needed.
Since then, there has been no official accountability for unexplained high performance objects operating in US airspace.  
No response to the Hudson Valley sightings wave of the late '80s.  No response to the incursion at RAF Bentwaters, a US airbase in england.  No Response to the Gulf Breeze sightings near a Naval air station in Florida -- and initially, no response to the reports of something large, black and phenomenally capable in the skies over Phoenix.  No response to a similar sighting over Stephenville Texas.  No response to any of the reports.  Nada.  Zip.
Despite a phone call to the National UFO Reporting Center by a person claiming to be an airman on duty on the base alleging the two ready-standby F-15's were launched at around 8:15 and encountered an extremely large unknown object answering the general description offered by others at 18,000 feet descending to 10,500 feet, the Luke AFB PAO's statement the next day was that all the airplanes were in bed by 6:00 PM and there were no operations in the time frame of the Phoenix Lights observations. This is at odds with the statement of trucker Bill Greiner who personally witnessed three jets departing Luke in afterburner racing to intercept the unknown around 10:00 PM.
In the wake of the Phoenix Lights incident, Phoenix city Councilwoman Francis Barwood appealed to Arizona Senior Senator John McCain, a former U.S. Navy fighter pilot, who in in turn asked the U.S. Air Force about the objects sighted over Phoenix.  McCain ran into the same obfuscation and selective-evidence policy that the Robertson Panel had been fed in 1953.  Senator McCain explained in a letter to Barwood that the Massachusetts Air Guard claimed to be dropping high intensity magnesium flares south of Phoenix that evening, and that the Air Force felt they must be the origin of the reports.
Kean points out the time disparity of the Air Guard claim and its failure to address the perception of a large floating object, clearly described by hundreds of independent reports.  The Air Guard response, Kean says, 'makes a mockery out of what thousands of people said they saw.'  Indeed it is little more useful and sensible in addressing the observations of hundreds of Arizonan's than Symington's original press conference fiasco.
                                             • • •
Cornell Astronomer Carl Sagan, a widely popular scientist with a penchant for wondrous explanation, and no small amount of wonder at the grandeur of the universe he studied,  was fond late in his career of the inaccurate but high-sounding axiom that 'Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence.'  They don't, logically, the burden of proof is no more or less, regardless of the supposition, but no matter, it sounded great and Carl Sagan had said it.
The subtle implication was that there was no evidence of truly unidentified flying objects. Such is not the case, but again, the implication was handy and Carl Sagan had implied it.
The most thoughtful response ever given to this was by the artist and abduction researcher Budd Hopkins, who, in a green room discussion with Sagan prior to a television appearance, retorted "Extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary investigation", a brilliant and logically correct observation.
Hopkins' remark must have made an impression on his companion, Leslie Kean, an investigative reporter with a proven track record in cultural journalism.  Kean spent the better part of a decade in what can only be termed an extraordinary investigation into the extraordinary evidence that exists in regard to the UFO phenomenon. She culled the best cases with the best evidence and the most credible witnesses.
The result is her book, in which Symington made his first full formal written statement after the 2007 account at CNN, which was the text of the statement he delivered when he moderated a conference at the National Press Club in 2007.  That conference was documented in James Fox's film 'I know what I saw' and Kean's best-seller.
The History Channel special is based on that book. During the Phoenix Lights segment of the program, Symington not only recounts his description of his sighting, he takes another measured step towards a formal call for formation of a formal process to understand what is obviously going on around us but our government would have us ignore.
Symington's description of the avid interest in the Phoenix Lights provoked by the USA Today front page account of the event, complete with the now iconic illustration by witness Tim Ley as 'approaching hysteria' is probably a little self-serving, but that detail can be overlooked.
It was the playback a decade later of tape recording of a witnesses frustration with the Governor's 1997 act that James Fox says provoked the Governor to tell his personal version of the story.
If the personal cost paid by the witnesses who felt mocked, shamed and afraid to come forward in 1997 finally changed Gov. Symington's mind on his own silence that is only appropriate.  For the standing response by government institutions in dealing with UFO reports is to ridicule and discredit the witness. And seldom is the cost to the witness included in the political calculus.
British Ministry of Defense UFO Desk manager Nick Pope described the policy in an exclusive to AOL News/Huffington Post columnist Lee Speigel in an August 17 article.
"I'm a little bit apologetic about this because obviously, when I was in MoD, I had to play this game myself. To really achieve our policy of downplaying the UFO phenomenon, we would use a combination of 'spin and dirty tricks.'
"We used terms like UFO buffs and UFO spotters -- terms that mean these people are nut jobs. In other words, we were implying that this is just a very somewhat quaint hobby that people have as opposed to a serious research interest."
"Another trick would be deliberately using phrases like 'little green men.' We were trying to do two things: either to kill any media story on the subject, or if a media story ran, insure that it ran in such a way that it would make the subject seem ridiculous and that it would make people who were interested in this seem ridiculous."  —  Nick Pope
The net effect of the unwarranted dismissal of civilian UFO reports, ostensibly in deference to a seven decade old radio program, while shrouding what information the military is able to obtain in secrecy is two-fold: 
On one hand it deprives our society of the tools it used to put 12 men on the moon and create an unparalleled system of public air transport — the bright minds who research, analyze, experiment and eventually develop new aerospace technology.  A public interest in the UFO phenomenon is academic career suicide, as depicted in the movie version of Sagan's outstanding best selling novel 'Contact'.
On the other it condemns witnesses to repress paradigm shifting personal experience, which leads to profound cognitive dissonance and personality disorder.
UFO secrecy affects everyone, across all walks of life.  In Arizona alone you can find numerous examples of real people who have had their lives profoundly impacted by a phenomenon our government will not acknowledge and apparently can not come to grips with.
It affects civilians, such as Travis Walton, a member of a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, whose close encounter with a floating disc resulted in a 5 day abduction.  Walton's workmates, despite taking and passing polygraph tests, were suspected of murder until Walton returned, scared, shaken and unable to tell of his experience without risk of being labeled insane.  It affected Sedona based photographer and author Kim Carlsberg, whose promising career amid the glitter and posh circumstance of Hollywood was imploded when she had the temerity to write a book 'Beyond My Wildest Dreams' recounting her abduction experiences.  The volume remains an early classic work in the field. (Carlsberg's latest effort, 'The Art of Close Encounters' includes an attempt at a forensic recreation of Symington's observation, based on his account to CNN and reports from other witnesses that match it.)
It affects military personell who have donned the uniform and done their duty, such as Maricopa resident John Burroughs, an Airman First Class on duty at RAF Bentwaters the night something profoundly unidentified made an incursion near a U.S. Air Base in the middle of the Cold War.  Burroughs' apartment has been ransacked while he was absent and his career marginalized as a result of his encounter.  It affected the life of East Valley resident and former White House Honor Guard member Mike Fortson. Fortson has had to deal with the aftermath of his observation of a V-shaped object during the night of the Phoenix Lights since the morning after it happened and has reacted by telling his truth at every opportunity, trying to convince an uninformed world what he saw was real.
It affects political figures such as Francis Barwood, who became the object of considerable editorial derision for simply doing her duty and raising the concerns of her constituents to any and all applicable higher governmental authority, only to get a mockery of a reply.  Symington's own career ended abruptly shortly after the Phoenix Lights when he was convicted of fraud, charges that were later quietly reversed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — once Symington was no longer a factor in the political scene.
It affects working professionals such as Dr. Lynne Kitei, a medical education professional who witnessed the Phoenix Lights and was initially too scared of repercussions to allow herself to be identified as a witness.  Eventually, Kitei would gather witness reports, combine them with her journal and produce a book and then a documentary on the event, which can usually be seen near the anniversary of the event. Similarly, Phoenix Lights witness Steve Blonder wrote a book on the events in an effort to present the information he gathered to the public, an act which he says almost cost him his marriage.
It inspires artists, like Tempe film maker Daniel Pace, whose enigmatic and eloquent masterpiece 'The Appearance of a Man' describes the impact of whatever this phenomenon is on the devoutly religious.
It provokes the honestly curious to brave 100 plus degree heat to attend MUFON meetings at the University of Advancing Technology, to hear the likes of UFO historian Richard Dolan outline the current state of understanding of the phenomenon.
If the UFO phenomenon was not able to hide behind a tattered veil of government denial and silence and mainstream media indifference, it would be overt.  And it would be the biggest story any media professional could hope to cover.
Symington is right.  It is time for Government officials at all levels to begin treating this subject legitimately and objectively.  The political expediency of not risking one's carefully groomed political career asking difficult questions that may not have an answer beyond 'I don't know' is a false economy.  The longer the government keeps its head in the sand and maintains the pretense that nothing is happening, the more foolish it looks to an ever increasing populace (need I say electorate) that knows, as does Sue Watson, what it sees.
Kean is right.  It's time for the government to take that tentative first step down a path that can provide them with access to the only viable exit strategy for a seemingly inescapable public information policy that had endured for over half a century and long since outlived it usefulness.  It's time to start taking reports legitimately and allowing academia the intellectual freedom to analyze them.
No doubt they will discover something.  A pattern, a tell-tale behavior pattern that matches advanced physics.  Then the media can report that.  Then those who lay claim to the responsibility to be our leaders can announce there is something there, after all, and bask in the grand satisfaction of a place in the history books.
So, despite the details and the rationale, kudos are in order to Symington for a belated but heartfelt attempt to set the record straight.  As are in order for Leslie Kean, Richard Dolan, Bryce Zabel, Leslie Bohem, George Knapp, Terry Hansen, Billy Cox, Lee Speigel and most recently Don Lemon for having the gumption to document an untouchable subject in a forthright and responsible manner.  Ed Murrow would be proud.
If the former Governor of Arizona, who now says he saw them himself, is no longer able to launch a formal investigation into the Phoenix Lights, then perhaps in light of the now sensible media coverage and the shifting public perception of the legitimacy of this issue, perhaps the sitting Governor will have the political will and moral fiber to launch one, as called for in an earlier Phoenix UFO Examiner report.
The Obama White House makes much of its policy of transparency and openness, especially the use of the social networking nature of the internet to provide input into the governing process.  However when the White House announced a website asking Americans what the critical issues they cared about most, the topic of UFO information release was quietly excised on the pretense that such absurd subjects were not appropriate for the forum.  And thus the official reluctance to treat public interest in the subject as legitimate continues.
One of the problems the UFO interest community has is the fractured and disparate nature of the means of response.  A Facebook page was created in the wake of the History Channel broadcast making a simple plea for government accountability on this volatile issue.
Perhaps if everyone ion Facebook who cares were to 'like' this single Facebook page, a message would be sent as to the actual magnitude of public desire for legitimate government response to the continuing UFO enigma—one that everyone knows is there, but no one in a position of political responsibility is willing to address.

INCREDIBLE UFO Caught on camera in Moscow Russia - Sept 1, 2011

September 1, 2011
Moscow, Russia

This incredible UFO sighting was caught on tape in Russia about 2 hours ago, Moscow time 1:20 am. 

This can not be a lantern, clearly you can see where it begins to take off, hovering in the sky, yet at some point it U turns back.  Lanterns does not do U turns neither do balloons. 

What is this?!

Photo of the sighting

UFO caught in the news in China?

September 1, 2011
Wuhan, China

A UFO caught in the news.  Please pay attention to 0:23, an object flew over in the background at very fast speed.  The object looks like a cigar shapped, does not look like airplane at all.  Also please take note that the site was in a village, there won't be any airplane or helicopters near the area.

Please exam the video and share with us your thoughts.

Video of the object

Photo of the story

Amazing Looking Mothership Landing Germany? August 2011

September 1, 2011

We were able to find this amazing UFO footage from  There were no specific dates, but it was sometimes in August of 2011. 

This appears to  a group of UFOs forming a spaceship shaped formation, flying over the night sky.  Almost landing in the middle of the city.  Just another excellent UFO sighting! 

Please click the below to launch the video.

Photo of the sighting

Guangzhou UFO Alien ship confirm fake, but made to major news! Spet 1, 2011

September 1, 2011
Guangzhou China

The impressive Alien space craft visiting earth video shocked the entire China.

On August 4, a video of an Alien space ship surfaced on the highway of Guangzhou City, and on August 28th, another video of an impressive Flying Saucer visiting Guangzhou Chenchun Village was surface on websites.  Both videos made to the major news in China, many citizens believed the Aliens have arrived here on earth. The re-production of the video were circulating in all the major websites such as and 

However today the UFO experts confirmed it is a hoax.  The person created the video used Photoshop.  Impressive work!  

The video made the reporters from all over China flew in to Guangzhou city hoping to find pieces of evidences, many villagers were interviewed, some claimed that they've seen the flying saucer, but many expressed that they've not seen the UFO. 

Below is the video of the news. 

Video 2 August 4th FAKE Space Craft on Guangzhou highway

Photo of the story

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Massive UFOs Fleet New Mexico

September 1, 2011
New Mexico, USA

We got the souce from China's  Not sure the exact date of the sighting, but youku stated it was August 2011 in New Mexico USA.

The video shows dozens of UFO passing through the sky of New Mexico.  Breathtaking sighting!  What are those things? 

Video of the sighting

Photo of the sighting

UFO objects caught in New York city again! - August 30, 2011

August 31, 2011
Queens, New York City

Since August 26, 2011, a day before the Hurricane Irene touched New York City region, there were dozens of UFO sightings reported, at least 6 videos surfaced just on August 26 alone. 

On August 29, there were UFO reported in Brooklyn NYC. 

Yesterday August 30, 2011, a group of teenagers captured this interesting footage in Queens NYC.  Witnesses said, ' We've been seeing so many weird things in the skies lately. It's crazy!'

Video 1: August 30, 2011 Queens NYC

Video 2:  AUG 26, MASS UFOs in Bronx New York city

Video 3,  Aug 29, UFO in Brooklyn NYC

Photo of the sighting

A cloud or a UFO? Wisconsin - August 30, 2011

August 31, 2011
Wisconsin USA

A very interesting cloud, UFO or space ship were spotted by witness daytime in Wisconsin.  It is hard to tell what the object is..  Please watch the video below, and share with us your thoughts on this footage.  Is it a UFO?  Cloud? 

Thank you.  Click below to launch the video.

Photo of the sighting

UFO caught on video Saskatoon,Saskatchewan,Canada.

August 31, 2011
Saskatoon, Canada
Date of the sighting: August 29, 2011

Source:  YouTube user ufo2c

Uploader's comment about the footage:

About 00:46 sec in we have some white and red spheres messing around with each other (six or more I believe, with three in a tight group rotating around each other and three off to the left side). I snapped the pic and they were gone! I used VLC to slow down the video and see the others. Maybe I'll do one in slow-mo as well?

I had recently bought a new Camera (SX30IS 35x optical zoom - 800mm) and started photographing and filming the skies over Saskatoon on a regular basis and have been capturing some pretty cool stuff.

What do you think? Still have a bunch more to upload so stay tuned.

UFO Global RC will keep up with ufo2c should there be any updates.

Video of the sighting

Photo of the sighting

UFO caught in Spokane, WA - August 29, 2011

August 31, 2011
Spokane, WA

A UFO sighting was captured by YouTube user larrabeeg.  The sighting taken place on August 29, 2011.  According to the witness this object had been at the same space a day before he filmed the sighting.  And it came back the next day, he believes this is due to the earth rotation.  If that is the fact, then the UFO will be able to be seen cross the earth. 

Uploader's comment:

This UFO reappeared over Spokane the evening of 8/29/11 as it appeared to move as the earth rotated it moved from east to west. There seems to be more activity as we see sparks of light around and possibly entering and leaving what appears to be a mother ship. Also notice a rotation from right to left. I have looked every night some evenings it seems not to appear.

Video of the sighting

Photo of the sighting

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Possible UFO sighting from Wales UK?

August 31, 2011
Wales, U.K.

A man caught a very bright flashing light UFO in Wales on August 30.  Based on the video, there were 2 objects, the bright green flashing light UFO is above the other.  According to the Witness it was a huge distance (approximately 2 miles) away from the object. 

What do you think this is?  UFO?  Thanks for your feedback.

Video of the sighting

Photo of the sighting

Strange UFO activity in the skies over Kiev region of Ukraine

August 31, 2011

Writer: Tracey Parece Unexplained Phenomena Examiner

A strange UFO sighting took place in the skies over the Kiev (Kyiv) oblast (region) of Ukraine on August 27, 2011.  An observer was able to record the dark night sky while no fewer than 11 unidentified flying objects flickered and twinkled high above the ground.

The video of the event lasts just two minutes and 23 seconds.  The amount of time that the UFOs are visible is significantly shorter than that, but it's still long enough to leave the viewer with the impression that this was no ordinary evening.

The video below is from dutees1's YouTube Channel

Although this recent sighting in Ukraine has not aroused the same excitement and attention as another recent UFO spotted in the bright blue sky over Spain that was shaped like a scorpion, it is nonetheless just as exciting in its own way.

Photo of the sighting

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UFOs live on bbc news? Aug 30, 2011

August 30, 2011
London, UK

Source:  YouTube user illuminatiislayer

Another UFO caught on TV during the news broadcasting?  Or those are just lights, balloons?  Well, to us, anything is possible.

Below video was taken Today August 30, 2011 at about 9:30pm UK time.  Please launch the video below.  Judge for yourself.  Leave us your comments.  Thank you.

Photo of the sighting

UFO over Fountain Hills, AZ

August 30, 2011
Fountain Hill, Arizona USA

Source: YouTube uswer 58evadoc

We  believe the sighting was on August 29, 2011.

Uploader's Comment:

The strangest phenomena appear nightly in the Eastern Phoenix night about 3:00. They (one or three) have been there for at least 3 years. Now they look light some sort of ship with starboard and port wing red and green lights.

An alien space craft?  What you think of this sighting? Leave us comments. 

Video of the sighting

Photo of the sighting

UFO caught on video Houston Texas Aug 29 2011

August 30, 2011
Houson, TX USA

Source: YouTube user PCEntertainment2

Daytime footage, this is what made it special.  A white UFO floating around the clouds, just like many other sightings, similar UFO sightings have been reported from all countries in the world. 

Here is uploader's comment:

ISS did not fly over at this time and is not visible during the day.
It was not a weather balloon nor a plane.
I noticed it come out of the clouds, then do a circle and i ran to get my camera and filmed what you see.

So, what is it?

What is it?  You decide. 

Video of the sighting

Photo of the sighting

Latest UFO orbs caught in Jurong Singapore - August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011
Jurong, Singapore

A UFO sighting was taken place today August 30, 2011 in Singapore (south east Asia).

This is the first time a UFO sighting was reported since our last video reported in mid July 2011.  In July our footage was tapped in the middle of the busy city.  However this particular sighting was captured in west coast of Singapore, Jurong near the sea and islands.  The footage was captured early in the morning about 5:00 am, Kuala Lumpur time.

This is what obeserver discribed:

3 UFOs has been spotted in the night sky at 5am morning, taking the same flght path one after another. The clip captures the second wave of the sightings. The first wave was spotted at the same spot of the sky 40 minutes earlier, with one of them hovering in brilliant lights, another traversing in high speed and the third one diminishing into the darkness of the sky.

Below is the Footage of the sighting.

2 of 3 Bright UFO Orbs Recorded Over Chicago 29 August 2011

August 30, 2011
Chicago Illinois

Source YouTube User guttergawker

Uploader's Comment:

Watch in HD. At 8:30 PM CDT August 29, 2011 the first of three UFO orbs flew over my house. I did not have my camcorder for the first of them but got it for the second and this is what I caught. The 2nd UFO passed over at 8:34 PM CDT then the third brightest flew over at 8:39 PM, all were flying South East. Shortly after I recorded them I received a youtube email from Iwant2believe2 stating they had seen 3 seperate UFO orbs fly over there part of Illinois. They said the third orb was the brightest and that is exactly what I saw and recorded. I asked them to do a MUFON report and I will probably do the same in the morning because its to late and I have to get up for work in 5 hours. Thanks for watching please feel free to comment rate email me friend or subscribe. Will add more details tomorrow.

Video of the sighting

Takes China's media to report USA FBI's UFO Disclosure! - August 29, 2011

August 30, 2011
CCTV 4 - China Central Television 4

Although FBI's Roswell UFO incident documents were realeased in April 2010 on FBI's official website: (as well as USA's Project Blue Book UFO),  however such major news were not 'really' seen on USA's mainstream media.

Interestingly, the 'disclosure' of such UFO official documents were reported on China's state run television PRIME TIME news today. CCTV (China Central Television), a national channel watched by 1.3 billion population.

The news covered the Roswell 1947 UFO incident in great details, including some interviews of personnel whom were involved in 1947 Roswell UFO crash. 

Photo of the story

Monday, August 29, 2011

Japan - Officially Declared Nuclear Nightmare

August 29, 2011
Toyko, Japan
Source: Dr Mark Circus

Nothing good about the nuclear news at the end of August as we have official recognition (finally) of what is going on in Japan and thus what is threatening the rest of the world, especially the northern hemisphere.
It is now being said that the amount of radioactive cesium that has leaked from a tsunami-hit nuclear plant is about equal to 168 of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II, Japan’s nuclear agency said Friday the 26th.

That’s like dropping one nuclear weapon a day since the beginning of this disaster and this is what they have been calling safe, no problem, don’t worry about it, go home and go to sleep.

Dr. Chris Busby tells us in the above video that he himself went to Japan with very sophisticated equipment and found areas in Tokyo that were 1,000 times higher than the exclusion zone around Chernobyl.

The report said the damaged plant has released 15,000 tera becquerels of cesium-137, which lingers for decades and could cause cancer, compared with the 89 tera becquerels released by the U.S. uranium bomb.

Now tell me who in their right mind would be comfortable being downwind of that? The answer to that one is very tragic and sad—millions are too comfortable and many more millions are simply unaware because they are not being told by their governments or the mainstream press. But today that finally changes!

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A person can still squirm around this one with all their rationalizations but you can now count them—each nuclear explosion worth of radiation being pumped into the environment day after day after day.

The National Institute for Environmental Studies said its simulation of aerial flow, diffusion and deposition of the two isotopes released from the tsunami-hit plant showed their impact reached most of Japan’s eastern half, ranging from Iwate in the north to Tokyo and central prefecture (state) of Shizuoka.

Both Iwate and Shizuoka are more than 180 miles (300 kilometers) away from the plant.

Tokyo is Finished

Time is running out for the 35 million people in the Tokyo metropolitan area and, in fact, in a year or two all of northern Japan will become quite uninhabitable for there is no way for them to stop the process once the fissioning materials work their way down into the earth and the water table below, which they have already done. (See my recent essay “The China Syndrome”.)

As radiation levels rise, some sanity has surfaced in Japan as the government lowered back down the radiation exposure limits for children to below one millisievert per year while at school.

Following the accident, in a move that prompted outrage, Japan raised the exposure limit for both adults and children from one to 20 millisieverts per year, matching the maximum exposure level for nuclear industry workers in many countries.

Parents in Fukushima have since been calling on the government to lower limits at school, claiming that children face a higher risk from radiation-linked cancers and other diseases than adults, which of course is absolutely true. Radiation experts agree that children are at greatest risk from cancers and genetic defects because they are still growing, are more prone to thyroid cancers, and because they will have more time to develop health defects.

The news services continue to misrepresent the situation. “Areas surrounding Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant could remain uninhabitable for decades,” Reuters reported, when in reality it will be thousands of years at best.

A brutal way of saying this is that the nuclear lobby is, all by itself, proving to be the undoing of the human race. But the British are still going to sing hail to the queen and the royal family, who are deeply wed to the uranium industry.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex “is still leaking low levels of radiation,” when it is still leaking high levels of radiation. “It could take more than 20 years before residents could safely return to areas with current radiation readings of 200 millisieverts per year, and a decade for areas at 100 millisieverts per year.”
Someone is having a nuclear wet dream with these assumptions. Too many have swallowed hook, line and sinker the “safe, low-level, no harm, nothing to worry about” pronouncements in the press, so much so that they actually believe it. Humanity is stuck with Fukushima and all by itself it will badly pollute the north and, perhaps after some time, the south of our world as well.

Newly released neutron data from three University of California San Diego scientists confirms Fairewinds’ April analysis that the disaster continues to contaminate the surrounding environment and upper atmosphere with large doses of radioactivity.

In a new revelation, the NRC claims that the plutonium found more than one mile offsite actually came from inside the nuclear reactors! If such a statement were true, it indicates that the nuclear power plant containments failed and were breached with debris landing far from the power plants themselves.

The bad idea of burning the radioactive materials (building materials, trees, lawn grass, rice straw) by the Japanese government will cause radioactive cesium to spread even further into areas within Japan that have been previously clean and across the Pacific Ocean to North America.
Until very recently we in the West were considered barbarians by the Japanese. Perhaps when they burn these materials, knowing where some of that radiation is going, they are thinking of the old days.
The real point here is that we are in trouble—serious trouble and we have not even begun to deal with this in our minds or hearts. We let the politicians lead us and now we see how high the price for that will go.

Governments Do Not Serve the People

Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan has announced his resignation. Mr. Kan has been criticized for failing to show leadership after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and ensuing nuclear crisis. The 64-year-old’s resignation had been widely expected, and comes amid tumbling public support.

Kan is responsible more than anyone else for the government’s actions. As the disaster continues to unfold through the months and years to come it would not surprise me if Kan is shamed to the point of being invited to commit ritual suicide in Japanese fashion for his betrayal of the Japanese people.

Early on in the disaster, Toshiso Kosako, a Tokyo University professor, became senior nuclear adviser to Kan, then quickly resigned saying the government had ignored his advice and failed to follow the law, and had only taken ad hoc measures to contain the crisis at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

The Japanese government has yet to grasp the severity of the contamination within Japan, and therefore has not developed a coherent plan to protect its people from harm.

Some say that without a cohesive plan, the radioactivity will continue to spread throughout Japan and around the globe further, but then again we might have to face the reality that there is nothing governments and industry can do now to mitigate the disaster.

Are People Dying Already? 

I have already reported on increasing death rates for children under one year of age both on the east and west coasts of America and in western Canada. Some authorities have been bragging and waggling about the lack of deaths from this overblown disaster. But anyone who believes the authorities about anything these days needs to have his head examined.

A Japanese medical doctor recently sent me a translation of a blog in Japanese that talked about someone who lost three of his colleagues in two days. His translation stated that, “They were all involved in moving cars out of the evacuated areas early on at the request of evacuated families before the area became restricted.

They were 32, 34, and 44, and first two died on August 9 and the third on August 10, all of heart attacks. (Not sure if it was really heart attacks or arrhythmia, since there was no autopsy done and the bodies were cremated.) There has been a middle-aged woman who was involved in a pet rescue, and she died of acute leukemia about a week after diagnosis in early August.

She went to Fukushima at least once to pick up her relative’s dog that had been rescued, and she has a lot of family from Fukushima, so she might have been exposed to radioactive particles carried by those who had been exposed. She also seemed like the type of person who did not have good health to begin with.”

It is like vaccine deaths—so many of the sudden-infant and shaken-baby deaths can be blamed on anything but the real cause, which stems from the totally obnoxious toxins in vaccines.

With the multiple vaccines given to children today, for them it’s like stepping into a boxing ring and having a hailstorm of punches delivered to their vulnerable young bodies.