Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guangzhou UFO Alien ship confirm fake, but made to major news! Spet 1, 2011

September 1, 2011
Guangzhou China

The impressive Alien space craft visiting earth video shocked the entire China.

On August 4, a video of an Alien space ship surfaced on the highway of Guangzhou City, and on August 28th, another video of an impressive Flying Saucer visiting Guangzhou Chenchun Village was surface on websites.  Both videos made to the major news in China, many citizens believed the Aliens have arrived here on earth. The re-production of the video were circulating in all the major websites such as and 

However today the UFO experts confirmed it is a hoax.  The person created the video used Photoshop.  Impressive work!  

The video made the reporters from all over China flew in to Guangzhou city hoping to find pieces of evidences, many villagers were interviewed, some claimed that they've seen the flying saucer, but many expressed that they've not seen the UFO. 

Below is the video of the news. 

Video 2 August 4th FAKE Space Craft on Guangzhou highway

Photo of the story

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