Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strange UFO activity in the skies over Kiev region of Ukraine

August 31, 2011

Writer: Tracey Parece Unexplained Phenomena Examiner

A strange UFO sighting took place in the skies over the Kiev (Kyiv) oblast (region) of Ukraine on August 27, 2011.  An observer was able to record the dark night sky while no fewer than 11 unidentified flying objects flickered and twinkled high above the ground.

The video of the event lasts just two minutes and 23 seconds.  The amount of time that the UFOs are visible is significantly shorter than that, but it's still long enough to leave the viewer with the impression that this was no ordinary evening.

The video below is from dutees1's YouTube Channel

Although this recent sighting in Ukraine has not aroused the same excitement and attention as another recent UFO spotted in the bright blue sky over Spain that was shaped like a scorpion, it is nonetheless just as exciting in its own way.

Photo of the sighting

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