Saturday, August 27, 2011

'UFO' New Spiral of Maitreya in Mongolia 2011

August 27, 2011

Souce YouTube User 88galaga

Uploader's comment:

One new spiral in Mangolia June 2011.

The Spiral is a symbol of the perdition of Satan, aka Maitreya (Raj Patel is one of the numerous bodies under his control)

2 possible meanings depending on which side you are (a victim of Satan or a devil/demon/shaytan):

For the victims of Satan, the spiral symbolizes the spiritual Ascension (which is actually a spiritual descension), the Awakening (which is actually deepening of your perdition), the opening of the 3rd eye (which is actually possession by the Jinns/devils/shaytans).

From the point of view of the devils who are plotting against Humanity, it's rather the spiral of perdition, the vortex which will lead you very deep in darkness and which will open to you the Eternal Flames of Hell, it symbolizes the trap of Satan, if you go too far in the Satanic vortex, there is no way of return.

Photo of the story

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