Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 Suns Aligning at Sun Rise Aug 26 2011 Northern Cal

August 27, 2011

Source: YouTube user: Reduckules
Date of the sighting: August 26, 2011
Location:  California
Uploader's Comment:

This Video speaks for It self. Please feel free to rant, rave or just sit back like I did and go what the fuck is that.

I have seen the double sun dogs and clearly the two suns that are quite large and act like mini suns with heat and light emanating from them like close planets. I have not come across any video on youtube quite like this where the two twin suns are at such an angle. I have also never seen the second sun act so strange and play peek a boo with a invisible pole or holograph...This video for me was an eye opener and I have been at this a good while.

Video of the sighting

I trust what I feel and sense with these three suns and They always give me hope and positive feelings cause there is some fucked up cruelty rt now on are home planit and we need all the assistance that is allowed.

I have herd these two extra suns are called alcyone sirius and the 3erd is are sun( I still have allot of questions myself). The three together seem to be taking us where know one has gone before( The Hopi say the 5th world_Some say heaven on earth and some say hell, war and moving below ground and on to other worlds.Here is a video of a women that seems to have a gift in deciphering crop circles and from her study which I found quite educating dealing on the three suns or two sun dogs to left and rt and big sun. Clearly there is three somethings going on?

Photo of the sighting

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