Monday, August 29, 2011

Amazing UFO caught in Holland/Netherlands - Eve of Aug 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

A man caught this Amazing UFO sighting from his bedroom windows.  The sighting taken place on August 29th evening in Netherlands.

Video was take by YouTube user HARSKAMPTIJGER

Here is HARSKAMPTIJGER commented on his video:

 I had too take me digital-camera to me balcony ( i already sense something near)and i search in the sky there i saw two light very bright....left and right i record it straight away..when i saw them...then after a while my camera was full :( and stopped recording) then i saw the right one go to the left one over that light and slowly dissapear the the left... one stay there show me some colours...start looking too that one...then after i while i look very fast to me c amera just for 1 second then i looked to the left one again.... but he dissapear too...and i know that i catch them on camera.. now i emptying my camera so maybe tonight i gonna look again if catch them again...thank you they again third time... show me themself because i ask this yesterday in front of my now they appear...

I am very thankful...and blessed again..
Namaste galactic federation.

Video of the sighting

Photo of the sighting

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